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June 7, 2013
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BoF Ashen Quinn by Funnifox BoF Ashen Quinn by Funnifox

Name: Ashen Quinn
Race: Mage/Wizard
Age: 19 (Adult form) 13 (Child form)
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Grade: 1
Voice: [link]
ID: 027 (Khr ftw)

Classes: Spells|Alchemy|Fortune Reading|Literature|PE
Clubs: Potions|Swimming|Student Council Officer

Outspoken|Passionate|Charismatic|Goofball|But is actually Self-Centered and a pervert

First impressions are critical with Ashen. He's often charismatic and outspoken which may give him the appearance of someone friendly however, if you first meet him on bad terms, his opinion of you will drastically change and respect is rather difficult to gain from him if you lose it right off the bat. He is a loyal and tenacious friend who is always there for you when you need him. He isn't exactly dedicated to the community though so nice favors from him are something he doesn't freely give out. He has the capability of being a gentleman however he's perverted in the head around beautiful women and they may think otherwise. He is rather proud of his bright red hair since it stands out and his family bloodline is most known for the intense color of both his hair and eyes. He is rather charismatic and can easily pass off as a leader however, he's known as the "Prodigy" child of his family and since that has gotten to his head--he prefers not to take up leadership since he's aware of his arrogance. He's quite fun to be around and creates enjoyable energy to those around him--except for when he's mad. Then you have to get the fk out of the room. Ahahahah

:bulletyellow: In child form he tends to pretend to be detached, quieter, and innocent. HOWEVER DO NOT LET THAT FOOL YOU! Oddly enough though, he becomes wiser in child form.

-Thai tea <--He'll propose to you if you offer this to him daily <w<
-The underdog
-Physical work outs

-His pocket watch
-Other arrogant people
-Snobby girls


Born of the Quinn family, Ashen since small has grown with astounding knowledge and is blessed with astute learning--he picked up everything like a sponge very quickly. His bloodline is known for their focused, hard-working ethic and dedication to the magical arts for generations. For this they have been ostracized by humans for centuries and it all dates back to when witches and wizards have been hung by trial, nearly obliterating the Quinn family as we know it.

During this era the Quinn family had honed in their concentration into "hiding" in plain sight safely preserving the last of their family. :bulletyellow:This is how the Quinn's "Child's curse" came to be. Ashen's ancestors--in order to hide themselves have picked up on forbidden magic, cursing all of Quinn descent to take the form of a child on certain days--restricting their magic for that day. However they may take up child form whenever they want and transform into their original adult body freely on all the other days.

Ashen was raised properly and strictly under the Quinn household. He hated studying as a child since it was easier for him to pick up information. Often he skipped studying, reading books of adventure instead. Reading is his favorite past time. It wasn't difficult for Ashen to meet his parent's and the elder's expectation--however it did irk him that they were constantly on his back 24/7. He only obeyed and did as told in order to be 'good enough' to study abroad, away from his home.

Ashen's ambitions came from his story books. He plans on becoming a great and powerful wizard and travel around the world with tales of adventure, riches, and danger. His magic is what he lives for and strives on since it greatly comes in handy when exploring.

Partner: None at the moment

Relationships: Single

:bulletyellow: He has 1 gold hoop earring on his left ear.
:bulletred:Born: December 26
:bulletred:He has a love/hate thing for his tail.
:bulletred:Favors the colors Red and turquoise (Colors of his hair and eyes)
:bulletred:If he sees a beautiful girl he'll transform into a child and get friendly with her and slyly try to sleep with her at night with the excuse of a 'nightmare' LOLOL. WATCH OUT FOR THIS LITTLE PUNK LADIES.
:bulletred:LOVES Thai tea. Seriously
:bulletred:Doesn't like to confide in others
:bulletred:He's trying to look for a way to uplift his child's curse
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Miitu-chan Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Notify of this character being drawn In case chu haven't noticed yet >…
Arleenina Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Woah, looks cool~~ o v o
Miitu-chan Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AaaAa dat hair : DDD //canItouchit-justalittlebit.u. Okay not being a creep hah sorry

Bu he looks awesome >: 33 LIke really I MEAN it x 3
Akiho-Shire Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He looks awesome X3
//offers thai tea daily

omfg hi yessssss

He's such a cutie uvu And pervert cuties are best cuties ;A;
Enterbalk Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's perfect kjsdhakjhd. I adore his personality ahahha xD we should roleplay soon!

but he dislikes tomatoes??? what's this sorcery how can he-- kjsahdkjashdkja ( ; A ; )/ tomatoes are freaking awesome.
Yelsah Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heeee I got in~ //casually bothers for rp things and is swatted//
his child form is so adorable~~ and his adult just too handsome :D :D
that red hair awesome :D :D

and lilac really adore children.. what to do...
emi2yam2 Jun 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh gosh-
his child form is cute hhhhhhh
and his adult form--- :iconpapcryplz:
Aaaaa I hope we can rp sometime someday /lies down :iconlazycryplz:
Funnifox Jun 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh yes his child form <3
Eheheh his little braided tail. :heart:

If you like his adult form now just wait until you see him nekkid :iconheplz:


I'd love to rp with you! But I can only do skype now since my DA notes is flooded and unorganized xD.
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